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  1. We limit the number of people on the courts in order to ensure social distancing.
  2. All patrons and staff are required to wear face coverings at all times. Face masks are available for sale.
  3. We promote social distancing throughout the park using digital signs, paper signs and directional arrows. The seating area is spread so that all chairs and tables are 6 feet apart.
  4. We installed additional hand sanitizing stations for patrons and staff.
  5. All employees will have their temperature taken before entering the building and will not be permitted in if their temperature is over 100 degrees.
  6. We added state of the art plasma ion air purifiers throughout the park.
  7. We rotate closing courts throughout the day for fogging antimicrobial liquid and wiping all touched areas.  
  8. We installed sneeze guards in front of all cash registers, reception counters and snack bars.
  9. We increase air conditioning in order that it runs continuously to remove air. 
  10. We promote contactless online booking/paying and non-touch payment systems (ex: Apple pay).
  11. We thoroughly clean and disinfect the park every day after closing.
  12. Since we nor the industry have come up with a way to keep foam pits clean and safe, we put a tremendous amount of effort into replacing the foam pits with airbags with an antimicrobial coated top sheet that we can also sanitize throughout the day.