5 Ways for Kids to Build Healthy Self-Esteem at Thrillz

Our park is designed to provide children with a safe and fun environment that motivates them and builds self-esteem through innovative challenges. Here are 5 ways Thrillz helps build self-assurance for kids:

1. INSTILLING CONFIDENCE in kids which will follow them as they get older and become adults.

Every challenge at Thrillz is designed for kids to have fun while pushing the boundaries of their comfort zone. Whether they’re going down our slides or balancing on our rolling log, they are building confidence in their ability to conquer challenges! Once they complete the courses at Thrillz, they will carry that confidence with them beyond our park and into other aspects of their life.

2. FACING FEARS is scary to do alone. Thrillz offers a way for families and friends to conquer their fears together!

Some adults are nervous to try new things, while kids will dive right in. Seeing your kids take on a challenge might give you, as a parent, the strength and motivation to try it yourself! On the flip side, for kids who need help leaving their comfort zone, parents can take the lead on the courses and be a role model for their children.

3. IMPROVING COMMUNICATION within any group.

Thrillz courses can be accomplished alone, but they are more fun with a group. Helping and cheering each other on can be very motivating. Communication is vital to healthy relationships. When trying to tackle the courses we offer at Thrillz, communication is part of the fun!

4. HEALTHY PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, including 60 minutes (1 hour) or more daily, is recommended by doctors for kids ages 6—17.

We offer a fun new way to get off the couch and exercise. There are a variety of obstacles to keep kids engaged no matter their skill level. BONUS: When they leave, you can rest assured knowing they will get a good night’s sleep.

5. GROWTH MINDSET occurs every time a child tries to tackle an obstacle. Every attempt, even those that don’t succeed, offer an opportunity to learn and improve.

If your child doesn’t overcome one of our obstacles on the first try, they free-fall safely onto a giant stuntman airbag and can get back up to try again. Eventually most are able to conquer the course challenges. Teaching your child that it’s OK to fail and try again is an important step toward building self-esteem.